Trends In Men’s Fashion

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Now, I know what you might be thinking, “she can’t know anything about men’s fashion because she’s a girl” or maybe you’re thinking “a female taking on men’s fashion could be interesting…”

Well whatever the case may be, hopefully you’ll find this insightful. I am a girl who’s into high fashion whether its women’s or men’s. On instagram, I follow pages like @fashionbombmen, @blackmenswear, and @mensfashionpost to name a few. I like to keep up with trends in the fashion world for both men and women. 

I’ve been noticing a lot of color and colorful prints in the men’s fashion world arising in the past months. Adding color to an outfit can catch the eye and also creates a statement with the outfit being worn. For Fall, reds, oranges, yellows, and dark greens have been popping up on the block for men’s fashion.

@miguel @cbroadus @quavohuncho

@miguel @cbroadus @quavohuncho

Singer Miguel uses a colorful print under his also color coded suit. The outfit sets a tone by itself from the hat down to the furry loafers. Cordell Broadus wears sleek dark jeans(not shown) with an artsy like paint button down shirt. He then adds even more color with a red furry coat. He uses all primary colors (red, yellow, blue) in his ensemble. Last here we have the Migos and rapper Quavo in popping colors of orange and yellow. The colors are cooled down with brown and black. He even sets a statement with color in his choice of socks.

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Color can spice up any look.

Even something as simple as a little pop of color on a pocket square can make a look stand out. Colors are daring and can be worn to pop out your outfit amongst others. Take a look at New Orleans Model  @wankke ‘s take on adding color to his wardrobe with a simple royal blue beret. 

Another trend in men’s fashion is the leather jacket. The leather jacket, with print, is a must have for men’s fall/winter fashion. It can be as simple as a black leather jacket with some type of pop of color within the jacket, even if it’s inside the jacket. 

I’ve also seen this trend on the female side of the fashion spectrum with both shoes, dresses, shirts, and even jackets. The colors red and yellow are showing up more in color patterns now than they ever have in men’s fashion. Most of these trends are taking inspiration from female fashion statements and making them more masculine and creating an entire new look.

Embroidered jackets and biker jackets are the new it styles.

These jackets turn something simple into something eye catching and fashion forward.

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New Orleans native/model @Wankke uses the lace up boot trend to add to his fit. Dr. Martin’s are a great

New Orleans native/model @Wankke uses the lace up boot trend to add to his fit. Dr. Martin’s are a great

The return of lace up boots and not so tight jeans are also a hot trend.

Men are ditching the tight skinny jeans for a more “comfortable” look.

Check out @ggeeeoorge wearing the not tight but comfortable jeans.

Check out @ggeeeoorge wearing the not tight but comfortable jeans.

Last trend I want to touch on is DENIM. Denim is my personal favorite trend of all time.

Denim has always been a statement in men’s fashion, and fashion in general, but it’s how you wear the denim that completes the outfit.

Instagram model @ggeeeoorge wears his black denim jeans with a white tank and adds a light blue denim jacket to top off the entire outfit. Also notice how he incorporates the color trend by adding the red bandana. 

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@AsapMob ‘s Calvin Klein Ad is pure denim perfection. They show how to wear denim with as an entire outfit down to the matching shoes. 

When thinking of your next style, or what to buy the special man in your life, remember lace up boots, comfortable jeans, a pop of color, and lastly an embroidered jacket.

Peace XO,

Morgan Johnson