Greenery: The Color of the Year and How to Wear it

By: Vickie Nguyen

Now that we are well into 2017, it is time to think about updating your spring wardrobe. The inspiration for this Spring is Pantone’s highly anticipated color of the year: greenery. The color is described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew.” What a perfect color to reflect the ongoing “green” movement of healthy eating and recycling. The vibrant yellow-green shade has already been seen on the runway from designers like Michael Kors, Anya Hindmarch, Max Mara, and Emanuel Ungaro to name a few. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits from their Spring 2017 collections:


Because Pantone influences store merchandising and how we shop throughout the entire year, it will be good to know how to style the bright color. Although green is not the most flattering color on most people, I challenge you to incorporate this color into your Spring wardrobe. Do notworry, I have got you covered. Here are three easy ways to wear the color of 2017:

1.     Wear it as a coat

While temperatures are still cool, pair a green coat with a neutral coloredtop and a pair of jeans. Adding that splash of color will make the coat stand out and instantly jazz up your outfit for any occasion.

2.     Wear it as a dress

Spring is the best season to wear a dress. Finding a green dress is simple, but finding a green dress that looks good on you might be a tad bit harder. The best thing to do is to choose a dress with a simple silhouette with the shade of green that works best with your skin color.


3.     Wear it as an accessory

The easiest way to incorporate a little greenery into your outfit is by adding a green accessory. You can style your outfit with a green necklace, green shoes, or a green purse. Either way, you will still be giving off the green vibe. For best results, match one of these accessories to a plain outfit to make the color pop.


I personally love the touch that green adds to an outfit. It is fun, bright, and effortlessly stylish. Keep out an eye for all the green merchandise when shopping and do not forget to embrace the eco-friendly movement alongside this trend. Happy styling!