Trends In Men’s Fashion

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Now, I know what you might be thinking, “she can’t know anything about men’s fashion because she’s a girl” or maybe you’re thinking “a female taking on men’s fashion could be interesting…”

Well whatever the case may be, hopefully you’ll find this insightful. I am a girl who’s into high fashion whether its women’s or men’s. On instagram, I follow pages like @fashionbombmen, @blackmenswear, and @mensfashionpost to name a few. I like to keep up with trends in the fashion world for both men and women. 

I’ve been noticing a lot of color and colorful prints in the men’s fashion world arising in the past months. Adding color to an outfit can catch the eye and also creates a statement with the outfit being worn. For Fall, reds, oranges, yellows, and dark greens have been popping up on the block for men’s fashion.

@miguel @cbroadus @quavohuncho

@miguel @cbroadus @quavohuncho

Singer Miguel uses a colorful print under his also color coded suit. The outfit sets a tone by itself from the hat down to the furry loafers. Cordell Broadus wears sleek dark jeans(not shown) with an artsy like paint button down shirt. He then adds even more color with a red furry coat. He uses all primary colors (red, yellow, blue) in his ensemble. Last here we have the Migos and rapper Quavo in popping colors of orange and yellow. The colors are cooled down with brown and black. He even sets a statement with color in his choice of socks.

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Color can spice up any look.

Even something as simple as a little pop of color on a pocket square can make a look stand out. Colors are daring and can be worn to pop out your outfit amongst others. Take a look at New Orleans Model  @wankke ‘s take on adding color to his wardrobe with a simple royal blue beret. 

Another trend in men’s fashion is the leather jacket. The leather jacket, with print, is a must have for men’s fall/winter fashion. It can be as simple as a black leather jacket with some type of pop of color within the jacket, even if it’s inside the jacket. 

I’ve also seen this trend on the female side of the fashion spectrum with both shoes, dresses, shirts, and even jackets. The colors red and yellow are showing up more in color patterns now than they ever have in men’s fashion. Most of these trends are taking inspiration from female fashion statements and making them more masculine and creating an entire new look.

Embroidered jackets and biker jackets are the new it styles.

These jackets turn something simple into something eye catching and fashion forward.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.32.02 PM.png
New Orleans native/model @Wankke uses the lace up boot trend to add to his fit. Dr. Martin’s are a great

New Orleans native/model @Wankke uses the lace up boot trend to add to his fit. Dr. Martin’s are a great

The return of lace up boots and not so tight jeans are also a hot trend.

Men are ditching the tight skinny jeans for a more “comfortable” look.

Check out @ggeeeoorge wearing the not tight but comfortable jeans.

Check out @ggeeeoorge wearing the not tight but comfortable jeans.

Last trend I want to touch on is DENIM. Denim is my personal favorite trend of all time.

Denim has always been a statement in men’s fashion, and fashion in general, but it’s how you wear the denim that completes the outfit.

Instagram model @ggeeeoorge wears his black denim jeans with a white tank and adds a light blue denim jacket to top off the entire outfit. Also notice how he incorporates the color trend by adding the red bandana. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.04.01 PM.png

@AsapMob ‘s Calvin Klein Ad is pure denim perfection. They show how to wear denim with as an entire outfit down to the matching shoes. 

When thinking of your next style, or what to buy the special man in your life, remember lace up boots, comfortable jeans, a pop of color, and lastly an embroidered jacket.

Peace XO,

Morgan Johnson

Greenery: The Color of the Year and How to Wear it

By: Vickie Nguyen

Now that we are well into 2017, it is time to think about updating your spring wardrobe. The inspiration for this Spring is Pantone’s highly anticipated color of the year: greenery. The color is described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew.” What a perfect color to reflect the ongoing “green” movement of healthy eating and recycling. The vibrant yellow-green shade has already been seen on the runway from designers like Michael Kors, Anya Hindmarch, Max Mara, and Emanuel Ungaro to name a few. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits from their Spring 2017 collections:


Because Pantone influences store merchandising and how we shop throughout the entire year, it will be good to know how to style the bright color. Although green is not the most flattering color on most people, I challenge you to incorporate this color into your Spring wardrobe. Do notworry, I have got you covered. Here are three easy ways to wear the color of 2017:

1.     Wear it as a coat

While temperatures are still cool, pair a green coat with a neutral coloredtop and a pair of jeans. Adding that splash of color will make the coat stand out and instantly jazz up your outfit for any occasion.

2.     Wear it as a dress

Spring is the best season to wear a dress. Finding a green dress is simple, but finding a green dress that looks good on you might be a tad bit harder. The best thing to do is to choose a dress with a simple silhouette with the shade of green that works best with your skin color.


3.     Wear it as an accessory

The easiest way to incorporate a little greenery into your outfit is by adding a green accessory. You can style your outfit with a green necklace, green shoes, or a green purse. Either way, you will still be giving off the green vibe. For best results, match one of these accessories to a plain outfit to make the color pop.


I personally love the touch that green adds to an outfit. It is fun, bright, and effortlessly stylish. Keep out an eye for all the green merchandise when shopping and do not forget to embrace the eco-friendly movement alongside this trend. Happy styling!

Fashion Finds Fantasy : New Orleans Carnival Balls

By Martha Lapeyre

Every girl dreams of going to a ball like cinderella, and in New Orleans it is a real possibility. Kings, Queens, Ladies in waiting's, Paige's, all seem to grace the pages of newspapers from January 6th to Mardi Gras day. Fashion plays a big role in this season from cocktail party attire to haute couture. The Mardi Gras Queens dresses can take up to a year to make. Imported french lace, hand beading and swarovski crystals can  be found in a multitude of dresses on the ball floor. There are strict guidelines when going to a ball. Long white Gloves for the women who sit in the front row. Floor length dresses are a must. The queen and her court wear white silver or gold. Men either wear wear full dress tails or they are masked in costume. Many popular designers are Jill Stuart, Halston and local favorite couturier Susan Perron. Accessorizing your evening gowns with sparkling purses and jewelry will always amp up the final look. It is also always a good idea to put your hair in an up-do, because it will be a long night and you want to keep it out of the way.

This is the 2015 Rex queen wearing a Susan Perron Dress, completely hand beaded.

This is the 2015 Rex queen wearing a Susan Perron Dress, completely hand beaded.

More of the Rex Court, with examples of Gowns and gloves that the women wear.

More of the Rex Court, with examples of Gowns and gloves that the women wear.







Age is Anything but a Number: How Art Influences Youth Fashion

By : Amari Hurst

I believe that we are influenced by three things in our life: People, Surroundings, and Interpretation. New Orleans is a world of arts, that welcomes creativity and individuality. This generation may lack many things; however, fashion isn’t one. We are at the age that expression plays a huge role in “who we are” and “who we want to be.”. I do strongly believe that “age is anything but a number” because if you let the arts guide you, you can do anything you set your mine too.  


Daisha Milan Calliet // Dai aka Dai Dai aka Goon

Who are you?

I’m a 17-year-old girl floating somewhere between wanting to soar and being unsure of life beyond the stability of the ground. I am a poet and proudly refer to myself as ' Where Angela Davis meets Maya Angelou.


What is your art?

My art forms are visual art, poetry, and photography.


How did you find a love for your art?

I’ve always been a creative soul. I had been drawing and painting since I was young, when I was seven I even had begun sketching out designs for my own girls’ clothing brand, but as I grew so did my art. Poetry and Photography are two areas that I learned to love.

How does your art play a role in your fashion sense?

My art is all very expressionistic and vibrant, it reflects my experience and me as a person, so it would only make sense that my style is just the same. My style is usually a vibrant mix of pieces that I was drawn to and decided to pull together. My visual art style is abstract and usually mixed media, so it's a lot of different things pulled together to create a common vision. I think that also describes my style perfectly. I can’t define my style; it’s simply a representation of me: beautiful and complex.


What do you want people to know about the kids of the arts ?

I think each person has their own individual style because, like art, fashion is all about self-expression. You should dress for yourself, wear what you like, and be comfortable with your own looks. Us art kids are just doing what we love whether anyone else is watching.



Amaya Johne

Who are you?

I am Amaya Johne' Cannon, born and raised in New Orleans. I am an ongoing youth who seeks for opportunity to increase my knowledge. I strive for success by chasing my dreams and believing in myself. Also, perseverance and dedication is who I am. I am a youth who enjoys spending time investing and practicing my craft.


What is your art?

Fashion design is my art and I found a love for it by attending school where uniforms weren't required. This allowed me to express myself through clothing since the age of seven. I got involved in sewing classes, internships with local designers, and NOCCA for theatre design. Ever since, my focus has been on fashion design and styling.


How does your art play a role in your fashion sense?

My art plays a role in my fashion sense because of different ideas I come across in the fashion world on the daily basis. The history behind fashion also plays a role in my fashion sense. I like a lot of vintage clothing from the 90's to give my style a bit of an edgy but original look. Most of my clothes come from a variety of different places but I mainly shop at thrift stores. Fashion design helps me to shape my style by me staying updated with what’s trending and from there, I put a bit of my flavor into the looks to make them different and unique


What does it mean to be young and productive in the arts?

 To me, being young and productive in the arts means freeing your mind with creativity and positive thoughts. It also means to express yourself however you'd like.


How do you feel as if you're constantly achieving it? 

I'm constantly achieving the goal of being young and productive by investing in what I love to do. I love fashion and it allows me to put thought and creativity into my clothing. Learning the history of fashion creates room for me to understand the roots of it and to understand where it came from. From learning the background, I invest in my craft and create/ design pieces of clothing that I think people will like and feel confident about.


What you want to be left with the reader when they finish this piece?

To whoever is reading this, I believe your goal can be reached by believing and investing in your creativity and chasing your dreams.


The thing about the arts is there is no right or wrong because you take a little from everywhere. Being from New Orleans makes it 10x easier to express yourself with the help of your art. I choose Daisha and Amaya because they demonstrate over the top fashion based on what they take away from the city, the people, and how they interpret it.


Models Share Their Success Stories and Their Favorite Moments from NOFW

By Megan Baptiste

I got the chance to sit down with some of NOLA Fashion Week’s models and talk to them about their experience modeling on the runway in one of the largest and most ground breaking shows in the South. They shared their favorite moments, some advice to upcoming models, and their recent successes since walking for NOLAFW. Katherine “Katie” Elam, shares with us the importance of confidence on the runway. Angel Glaude, who recently appeared on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23, shares her experience working with industry icon Tyra Banks, and Katherine “Kat” Gainey talks about what she looks forward to in her first NOLAFW show this year.



Fashion Awards Gala | Credit: Eduardo Benitez

Fashion Awards Gala | Credit: Eduardo Benitez

NOFW6 | Credit: Eduardo Benitez

NOFW6 | Credit: Eduardo Benitez

Age:21 | Height:5’10  |Hometown: Stanford, Ct.  | Years modeling: 10 years

How did you start modeling and when was the moment you realized it was something that you loved to do? 

I really started to get into modeling when I was in college. Modeling was kind of like a response to my high school years. I was the only black girl, I stuck out and felt like the ugly duckling. Modeling is a form of expression for myself and that’s how I fell in love with it. 


What is the best advice you would give to an up and coming or aspiring model?

Above everything, confidence is the key. Nothing else matters if you’re not confident. It doesn’t matter what you weigh, it doesn’t matter what your body shape is, or how thick your hair is. None of that stuff matters if you’re confident in yourself to know your limits. And when I say limits I don’t mean what you will or will not do, but what you’ll expect or won’t expect of other people relative to yourself. When people tell me I have really big thighs and if I would ever want to walk in New York I should slim my thighs, I’m like “My thighs are my thighs!” You have to accept your differences.


What model and/or designer inspires you and why?

One of my favorite models is Joan Smalls. She’s just effortlessly on point and fierce. But in such a theatrical way, even though her face is so strong and fierce she still creates an emotion and expression in her face when she’s on the runway. My favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld; he plays such a huge role in the industry. He embodies his own persona while still connecting it to the Chanel aesthetic. I think he’s really cool, he’s driving it into the future and driving it in the new age.


What are some of your hobbies or aspirations outside of just modeling?

I love photography and blogging. I also like to paint and workout. I’ve also been working on a clothing line, my friend taught me how to make dresses. I just like to learn, honestly. I’m like a sponge.


What is your favorite way to unwind after a runway show or busy day?

Cocktails. Wine and great food, you name it! I love being around good vibes and friends. I love going to parties and having a great time. 


Where do you see your career taking you in the next few years?

I want to go to school in New York. I want to be part of a major fashion production, it doesn’t matter which one, I just want my vision to be heard.



Credit: Joshua Alexander Simmons

Credit: Joshua Alexander Simmons

Credit: Mike D Photography

Credit: Mike D Photography

Age: 21| Height: 5'9 ½ | Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana| Years modeling: 4 years

Prior to NOLAFW have you ever did a runway show or modeled?

Yes. I've done numerous runway shows in Lafayette, Nola, Los Angeles, Miami but it all started with NOFW.


How did you start modeling and when was the moment you realized it was something that you loved to do?

I started modeling my junior year in high school by taking modeling classes that my sister enrolled me in. I remember for my very first show, my mother bragged in the audience and the next day to all my family members. Her excitement is what warmed my heart. I knew I was making her proud. Still to this day, anytime I do anything with modeling I get the same reaction from her and I love it!


What opportunities have come your way since walking in NOLAFW?  

NOLAFW was the start of my modeling career. I went to New York and was on the revamped America’s Next Top Model cycle 23!


What is the best advice you would give to an up and coming or aspiring model?

Be careful who you work with/what you agree to. Not everyone has your best interest at heart and will try to take advantage of you. This industry can get tough but keep going. Remember that everything takes time and patience is key.


Your best or favorite moment at NOLAFW and why?

My favorite moment every year is getting to grace the same runway as my lovely sister! I adore her so much and love that we both get to share the experience together at Fashion Week.


What are some things you would like to accomplish in your career and why?  

My dream like any other aspiring model is to be a Victoria's Secret Angel! I think it would be a perfect fit "Angel the VS Angel"   I really want to sign with IMG. I plan to also have my own agency one day probably start off back at home in Louisiana since it's limited here for models and grow from there.


Katherine Gainey  KATHERINE GAINEY

Felicity Magazine | Credit: Titus Childers

Felicity Magazine | Credit: Titus Childers

Credit: John Dye

Credit: John Dye

Age 17 | Height:0 | Hometown: Gulfport, MS | Years modeling: 1 

What was your casting call far NOLA FW? Were you nervous/excited? And why?

My first casting for NOFW I was very nervous; I had only found out about it a few days before and it was my first casting ever. I found out what to wear and even used my old homecoming shoes because they were my best heels; I later found out not many people wear shiny bedazzled heels to castings…..lesson learned. However, Ms. Tracee came out as bubbly as always and the models around me helped calm my nerves. It was a great experience

Prior to NOFW have you ever done arunway show or modeled?

No, NOFW was the first local event I had heard of. A few days prior to the NOFW 2015 casting, I asked my friend who models with them how she got into it. She told me the first show she had done was NOFW and that there was a casting this weekend that I should go to.


What opportunities have come your way since walking in NOFW?

I have not yet walked in NOFW, but will be walking this year. Ever since going to the 2015 casting and connecting with Ms. Tracee, I have walked in multiple shows in the southeast, Pensacola FW, Mobile W, Coastal FW, and South Walton FW. I have even walked for Christian Siriano in both South Walton Fashion Week and in his trunk show in Rosemary Beach last October. I have been published with editorials in Exalte Magazine and Elegant Magazine as well as online in Felicity Magazine. In the past year, I have gotten farther with modeling than I was thinking I would in years.


What is the best advice you would give to an up and coming or aspiring model?

Many people come to me asking how they can get into the industry, and I always tell them the same thing: You have to want it. John Dye has drilled this phrase into my mind forever, "No one is going to show up at your doorstep and hand you your dreams!" You have to find castings, walk up to designers at shows (whether you are walking for them or not) and introduce yourself, find photographers to work with, and practice. Never go to a casting without practicing, never show up to a show without everything you need, and never stop working. The more professional you act, the more professional you will become.


What is your favorite way to unwind after a runway show or busy day?

I love to drive. To me, the most relaxing thing is to take the top off of my Jeep and ride down the beach as far as it takes me. If it is too late in the night for that, I often paint in my room. I get my canvas, easel, and my music, and it is truly relaxing.


What are some things you would like to accomplish in your career and why?  

My goal is to get as far as I possibly can with my modeling, without sacrificing my education for it. I would love to sign with a major agency, walk in NYFW, and shoot with some of the industry's top photographers.

Winter Styles, Summer Temperatures


By: Allison Portera

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year. Winter. It’s the time of year to break out the coats, scarves, and hats that have been collecting dust in the closet. There’s only one problem with this time of the year. We don’t get to experience the winter styles in Louisiana. So, how do we dress the season without sweating all day?


Investing in a good pair of booties can help give you the winter look without committing to a heat rash on your calves. They’re a great go to shoe that can easily be paired with skirts, shorts, and jeans. For the shorties like me, they lengthen your legs which is always a plus! Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner show off their luxuriously long legs with boots and jeans, paired with quarter sleeve shirts. My go to pair of booties would be these suede boots with the brown heel. A similar pair of these were sold at Target last fall.

Alright ladies, there was a huge sale and you just bought this sweater but its 70 degrees outside. While your Pinterest board may say its cute to pair it with jeans and thigh high boots, try out the alternative of wearing a mini skirt. As seen in the picture, she took a plaid black and white skirt and paired it with a tan sweater. It’s the perfect color combination for both fall and winter!

Scarves are tricky, they’re hot but a winter necessity. How can you possibly wear a scarf while staying cool? It seems impossible until now. Grab your t-shirt, Adidas, and scarf for a chic take on winter (southern style of course).

Whether it’s the typical army green jacket, or a beige one. These jackets are perfect for adding layers to your outfit and a little bit of warmth. They are proven time and time again that the basic canvas jacket will never go out of style. They can be dressed up and dressed down. Canvas jackets also come in many forms. For example, there are vests (as seen in the picture), jackets with an adjuster around the waist, plain straight jackets, and both thick and thin jackets. These canvas jackets and their versatility make them perfect for every season of the year.

If it’s chilly and/or raining outside, try ditching the North Face rain jacket for a more fashionable one. Investing in a good trench coat may be a bit pricey but it’s perfect for a light jacket that is also rain resistant. Trench coats are a must and they can be paired with anything such as booties, flats, sneakers, and heels.


Hello Fashion world! My name is Jennifer Salazar, a 23 year old, Latina, Libra, Fashion Ambassador for New Orleans Fashion Week. For now I’m attending college and working retail while scrolling through Instagram in search of #inspo to slay! If you’re intrested in 2017 Trends then keep on reading hunny. With the New Year comes new opportunies to sparkle, so get ready to sparkle your bum off with this blog!


As always the world influences and inspires fashion with the latest kids games, world news, social media, enviroment, economy, music and pop culture there’s so much to take into observation. There’s no denying the world’s undergoing controversial matters and upgrading quickly. That’s why I feel blue is the prefect color for reviving vibes. Anything from sea foam to green the richest cerulean blues are the go to. If you’re trying to so ease your way out of a black obsession, blue is a great color to wear instead. #TREND ALERT: Don’t throw out your holey blue jeans because those would rock with some fishnets for your #OOFTD look! 


Get ready to lace up more than your knee highs! Anthing from bohemian laced up tops to multiple straps and contemporary laced up clothing are an absolute yes. Fishnets are a great throw on to add an edgy sexy vibe #LACEUP. They are also a great acessory you can do day after day and still add a lot to make your look bold and edgy. 


Ready to suite up for the fashion formation? Beige is far from boring, khaki is more than your basic uniform, and warm, tuscan colors will get you ready for the tropical warm weather. These are some of the cooler to warmer colors to throw on. Beige is a subtle elegant color you can easily make soft and feminine especially with light pink or neutral makeup. Khaki is great for preps, but if your style is more bold use Kim Kardashian’s well tailored, revealing khaki trench for inspiration. 

#TREND ALERT: Any power driven woman style inspiration gives you extra style points in the fashion formation trend. Cape blazers, bondage skirts, and pencil skirts are a total yes! Tuscan colors warm you up in a beautiful sunset like color that yells tropical paradise. The dark orange color can give a very exotic look to your #OOTD. Try pinning back one side of your hair to compliment your exotic color. #TRENDSETTER KEY: These colors go well in hand with orange, bronze, metallic makeup and accessories.


If you love purple rain then you may already be on the ruffle trend. If think you hate ruffles there is nothing to fear, trust me. For a more subtle look get your ruffles out of chiffon or lace and join the ruffle rave. I personally love a light ruffle sleeve for a very feminine flirty look. It is possible for ruffles to give a classy, delicate, graceful look, so be on the look out.


Chrome cosmetics are perfect for galaxy queen vibes. If you haven’t been looking up cosmetics on Instagram then you may be the only one unaware of the chrome invasion. Anything from chrome cosmetics to accessories are a perfect way to make your outfit pop. Chrome gives a sleek, indestructible, hip statement to your everyday look. Chrome nails have been a huge fad and you can expect to keep seeing them for a while. I would say nails are the biggest chrome trending look so if you want to step up your fashion game, be bold and smear on chrome makeup for this fashion revolution!


Clothing provided by: Kay’s #SHOPKAYS 

Models: Gabby Telleria & Chelsey Coleman

Don’t Step on These

By: Joseph "Tre" 

Some people see shoes as just another part of an outfit but to many it’s a form of expression and an art form. Over the years sneaker heads or sneaker enthusiast have started their own culture by buying, selling, and trading sneakers. Some sneakers re sale value can reach amounts over a thousand dollars for just one pair. Many people don’t see the logic in paying such crazy resale prices, but the importance of having the most exclusive shoes to those in the culture bears no price tag.

Sneakers have come a long way from when they first started. In the beginning there was only converse, that came only in a high or low style. Since then Nike and Adidas have added a lot of variety to the market. Some would say The Michael Jordan sneaker by Nike which is still relevant today was the biggest influence in the sneaker culture.

In the past sneaker heads had no way of knowing when a shoe might drop or where it could be purchased. People had to physically go from store to store to hunt down the classics. Sneaker culture reached a point where people would literally camp out for days in front of a store to buy a pair of sneakers. True sneaker heads often buy 3 plus pair: one to wear, sell and one for display.

New age sneaker heads now have the power of the Internet. Not only can they see when shoes are releasing but they can now also buy the shoes online. It may sound like the sneaker game got a lot easier with the internet but some argue it has heighted the playing field. With shoes such as the oxford Adidas Yeezy, companies release limited quantities of highly anticipated shoes to ensure that they remain rare finds. If the Yeezy is released online at 7:00 am it will be sold out by 7:05 am.  Within the next five minutes, the sneakers will be on popular resale sights for a much higher mark up price.

There is a lot of money involved when it comes to the business of sneakers. Recently there has been a lot of sites forming to help the resale process like as well as or the always popular eBay.

Outside of the Internet one of the best places to find nice sneakers is 7.stiches which is located in downtown Lafayette. It’s a boutique that focuses on sneakers but sells street wear clothes as well. They stay up to date with their merchandise and constantly put new things on their sell floor making it a different experience every time you go to shop.

Sneaker heads come from all walks of life and the culture does not cater to one type of person. It doesn’t matter if you are spending a thousand dollars on a pair of Yeezys or you are spending 80 dollars on a pair of converse the only thing that matters is the meaning of the shoe to the buyer. A purchasing culture once reserved to the underground insiders has now become full blown mainstream thanks to the efforts of the Internet.

World of Denim

By: Aria Irizarry

If you’re an active member in today’s society, it’s very likely you own something made of denim. Invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, this cotton-made fabric can now be found everywhere, from small-town boutiques to high-end department stores. Whether it be a pair of jeans, a hand-me-down jean jacket, or a backpack constructed from recycled pants: the range of items created with denim continues to expand. As such a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe, the fascination with denim in recent popular culture and fashion innovation has in fact proven we live in a World of Denim.


Celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have taken the “denim on denim” trend to the next level, wearing different variations of layering and colors of denim. Gigi wears a frayed denim skirt over a pair of distressed light-wash jeans, topped with a jean jacket and white tank. Rihanna styles her longline denim dress with a pair of straight leg jeans and finishes the look with lace-up denim sock boots. Denim well done, if you ask me.

Boutiques in New Orleans have picked up on this influx of denim appreciation and have filled their stores accordingly. Revamped denim jackets are popping up in stores like Marigny House Boutique (1011 Lowerline St.), with a denim cargo jacket, and LF (5408 Magazine St.), with a black jean jacket and rose embroidery.

Time repeats itself with the denim trend of the 70’s - wide leg jeans. Blink (5414 Magazine St.) has hip-hugging bell bottoms that will spice up any outfit. The Revival Outpost (234 Chartres St.) has a changing collection of new and vintage clothes, with items like button-up dark denim tops and studded mom jeans.

A particular favorite of the moment is color blocked denim, mixing multiple shades of denim like the ones found at Pacsun in Lakeside Shopping Center. To complete the look, pair them with a cropped black denim jacket and Vans sneakers. Denim is the new black, and the possibilities are endless!