Hello Fashion world! My name is Jennifer Salazar, a 23 year old, Latina, Libra, Fashion Ambassador for New Orleans Fashion Week. For now I’m attending college and working retail while scrolling through Instagram in search of #inspo to slay! If you’re intrested in 2017 Trends then keep on reading hunny. With the New Year comes new opportunies to sparkle, so get ready to sparkle your bum off with this blog!


As always the world influences and inspires fashion with the latest kids games, world news, social media, enviroment, economy, music and pop culture there’s so much to take into observation. There’s no denying the world’s undergoing controversial matters and upgrading quickly. That’s why I feel blue is the prefect color for reviving vibes. Anything from sea foam to green the richest cerulean blues are the go to. If you’re trying to so ease your way out of a black obsession, blue is a great color to wear instead. #TREND ALERT: Don’t throw out your holey blue jeans because those would rock with some fishnets for your #OOFTD look! 


Get ready to lace up more than your knee highs! Anthing from bohemian laced up tops to multiple straps and contemporary laced up clothing are an absolute yes. Fishnets are a great throw on to add an edgy sexy vibe #LACEUP. They are also a great acessory you can do day after day and still add a lot to make your look bold and edgy. 


Ready to suite up for the fashion formation? Beige is far from boring, khaki is more than your basic uniform, and warm, tuscan colors will get you ready for the tropical warm weather. These are some of the cooler to warmer colors to throw on. Beige is a subtle elegant color you can easily make soft and feminine especially with light pink or neutral makeup. Khaki is great for preps, but if your style is more bold use Kim Kardashian’s well tailored, revealing khaki trench for inspiration. 

#TREND ALERT: Any power driven woman style inspiration gives you extra style points in the fashion formation trend. Cape blazers, bondage skirts, and pencil skirts are a total yes! Tuscan colors warm you up in a beautiful sunset like color that yells tropical paradise. The dark orange color can give a very exotic look to your #OOTD. Try pinning back one side of your hair to compliment your exotic color. #TRENDSETTER KEY: These colors go well in hand with orange, bronze, metallic makeup and accessories.


If you love purple rain then you may already be on the ruffle trend. If think you hate ruffles there is nothing to fear, trust me. For a more subtle look get your ruffles out of chiffon or lace and join the ruffle rave. I personally love a light ruffle sleeve for a very feminine flirty look. It is possible for ruffles to give a classy, delicate, graceful look, so be on the look out.


Chrome cosmetics are perfect for galaxy queen vibes. If you haven’t been looking up cosmetics on Instagram then you may be the only one unaware of the chrome invasion. Anything from chrome cosmetics to accessories are a perfect way to make your outfit pop. Chrome gives a sleek, indestructible, hip statement to your everyday look. Chrome nails have been a huge fad and you can expect to keep seeing them for a while. I would say nails are the biggest chrome trending look so if you want to step up your fashion game, be bold and smear on chrome makeup for this fashion revolution!


Clothing provided by: Kay’s #SHOPKAYS https://shopkays.com 

Models: Gabby Telleria & Chelsey Coleman