Paige Ahern | Jewelry and Graphic Designer

New Orleans based jewelry and graphic designer Paige Ahern is always looking for new ways to showcase creativity. In addition to curating Wear NOLA, she is the owner of PolyPaige Nola, a laser-cut wood and acrylic jewelry company celebrating all things New Orleans, she strives to create new designs catering to local desire for every season. She is also a painter and former wedding cake sculptor.

Steven Putt | Director of PR, Marketing and Special Events for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Steven Putt is a seasoned veteran in the Gulf Coast region’s fashion industry with over twenty as fashion professional.  He is Director of PR, Marketing and Special Events for Saks Fifth Avenue.  And, Steven has coordinated and produced many of the city’s marquee fashion shows, events, and galas, including Key to the Cure in support of heart disease, Mad Hatters and Art in Bloom.  When not busy scheduling guest designer appearance or coordinating special event, he enjoys his leisure time with friends and family, attending many of the city’s festival s and social engagements, as well as traveling.   

Dr. Lisa Barona McRoberts | Fashion Designer | Former LSU Design Professor

Dr. Lisa Barona McRoberts received a master’s degree from LSU and a doctorate from FSU before completing a couture specialization in Paris. Lisa will represent LSU and the Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council in Beijing, China and at Dallas Career Day Competition to judge the eco-gator category she established.

McRoberts specializes in one-of-a-kind, award-winning, custom-fitted, evening, wedding and debutante gowns made of exquisite and luxurious fabrics. She also designs and creates Mardi Gras royal court gowns. Every design is carefully designed based on the client's aesthetic and style preferences. However, Lisa's design inspiration is greatly influenced by nature, primarily from the flora and fauna in Louisiana, as well as the surrounding scenery, culture, and traditions.