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Brandon Stanton

Brandon currently studies Theatre Costume Design at Troy University in Alabama. He has been designing since 2008. His style changes with any new creative idea and is the founder of his fashion brand, Brandon DeSean.

Brianna Thomas

Brianna is currently a 3rd year marketing student at Dillard University with a passion for art, fashion, and design. She’s most recently been apart of the 2018 Canal Place Style Board where she was apart of the “Dress Fête” design competition. To contribute, Brianna painted a dress to pay tribute to African influence on New Orleans culture. She used paints for the motif, glitter to highlight the design, and ribbon to construct roses as a part of the dress’ collar. Aside from that, she also runs her own small business called “Bri’s Creative Design” where she creates custom artwork such as paintings and hand painted clothing. Brianna is inspired by life, nature, and different life perspectives. In previous years she has also been apart of the advanced textiles class in her high school as well as the NOCCA summer conservatory.

Christina Blunt

Owner and Creative Director of “Polishedbrand.” Christina was inspired to go to design school after her daughter was born. There was a lack of “Mommy and Me” styles available on the market, so she sought out to change that. Christina majored in Design at the Art Institute of Dallas. Afterwards, she moved back to my hometown of New Orleans to put her design vision to work. Blunt writes “I dreamed of using Fashion Design to connect a community and empower creatives all over the city,” utilizing fashion in attempts to forward the city. Currently, Christina is teaching sewing and fashion design in a few different places in New Orleans while curating her own Fashion Lifestyle Brand.

Emily Hamm

Emily was born and raised on the Westbank of New Orleans. From the time she was old enough to dress herself, she couldn’t ever remember a time that she wasn't fascinated by fashion. She started sewing at age 12, and received her own sewing machine at age 14. In high school, Emily created her homecoming dance and prom dresses, but her favorite past time has always been to take old or thrifted clothing and re-purpose it into something trendy and new. She attended LSU after high school, and graduated with a degree in Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising this past May (2018). Emily’s inspiration stems from her desire to re-purpose and give things a new life. Shes traced that desire to re-purpose back to her spirituality and faith, but also connected it to her longing to make a mark on the world ethically. Why waste when we can reuse? Her design aesthetic or niche can be described to her as “contemporary wear with an old twist.” In this collection, each of her looks incorporate some type of textile that was either handed down from her late grandmother or thrifted. These textile items include: doilies, crocheted blankets, crocheted quilt squares, crocheted table place mats, and a crochet table runner. Particularly, Emily envisions her customer base being spotted on the racetrack at Jazz Fest swaying back-n-forth to her favorite band, or strutting down Magazine street for a mid-day drink date with her girl friends! “The woman I envision is actually myself”

Fleshia Gillion

Fleshia recently graduated from Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS, with a BS in Fashion Design and a concentration in Design and Product Development. Her sewing training, however, did not begin there. Fleshia’s grandmother was her first design teacher, who taught her how to sew and gave Fleshia her very first sewing machine. Growing up as a triplet, she used that as her main source of inspiration. Specifically, the inspiration was realizing that she could take three totally different personalities and use it as her focus when illustrating and executing designs. Fleshia likes to classify her design aesthetic as classic chic or “vintage fashion with an edge.”  Additionally, she has learned to take attributes from renowned designers as inspiration. From Coco Chanel’s little black dress to Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress trend, down to Dior’s New Look, they all play a vital role.

During her time at Mississippi State University, she wasn’t idle with her time. Fleshia was fortunate enough to study abroad in London, England as a part of the British Studies Program. She served as secretary for the National Retail Federation student club, and was given the opportunity to present her research on Microbial Leather using sweet potato sucrose in Vancouver, Canada. Embarking on those excursions opened her eyes to all of what the world has to offer or rather, what she is capable of offering the world through fashion and design. 

Nadine Hancock

Nadine is a Jamaican native who came to America to pursue the American dream. She moved from her hometown here in April of 2001 and attended Garmex Heart Academy in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a mother of three and a grandmother of two and creates uniquely fashionable designs for fashion forward individuals. The inspiration behind her clothing line, Dorcas Couture, is to honor her mother. Since inception, she has become a trendsetter in formal and ready to wear apparel along the Mississippi Gulf coast. Dorcas Couture began as a hobby in January 2015, creating African inspired garments for everyone. Since then the brand has moved to make custom prom and evening wear.


Nia Morrison

There Nia was, ten years old and four hours to a pajama party she couldn’t miss. No pajamas and no money for new ones. What she had was a “MacGyver” imagination, a pair of too snug jeans and her momma’s old powder blue, stretch, satin pajamas that wouldn’t roll over her hips. Still, she knew she could come up with something amazing. The pressure was on to make a size 10 pajama set fit her size 18 body. So the cutting began. Popped hand stitches and seven safety pins later, Nia had the most unique pajamas at the party and everyone loved them.
Fashionable, well designed, plus-size clothes were not a thing when she was younger. The cute clothes never came in her size. That’s when Nia knew that she wanted to design for plus size women. Through trial and error, she began to teach herself to sew and create remarkable designs. While earning her Merchandising, Textile and Design degree, she refined her garment construction skills and fine-tuned her design aesthetic. Through this, Nia found that she is drawn to a more sporty “at-leisure” aesthetic. She wants her designs to inspire plus size women to be confident, comfortable and fly.
In her own words, “I am Nia Davis-Morrison, the innovative, plus-size, daring designer.”

Sylvester West

Sylvester is a 19 year old graduate and has been sewing since he was 8 years old. He definitely made his mark through design when he participated in Essence Fest in 2018 and worked with Drake in one of his music videos as a behind the scenes seamstress. At the age of 16, he started hand sewing Indian suits and learned the basics of sewing, but never got fully immersed into the artistry. In his early stages of fashion design, Sylvester was more concentrated on looks and would often glue cloths together to make them appear as if they were sewn. For Sylvester, sewing has made a dramatic change in his life, so much so that he is now applying to Columbia College in Chicago and is planning to attend all 4 years studying Fashion and Design.